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Product GAC Export

 “Lycopene for life”

We are the organic village Fhuck-khow (GAC) fruit farm with no chemical pesticide, our farm is We had started planting in 2011; currently our Fhuck-khow (GAC) fruit farm capacity is 300 acres.

ฟักข้าว 1Vision

We aim to be the best Lycopene producer on earth in both OEM and our own Brand (from GAC fruit & extract GAC fruit) with no preservative added in our products


To produce and deliver the high quality & reliability of GAC fruit & extract GAC fruit products such as fruit juice, cosmetic, nutrient, sauce & snack, Lycopene powder, frozen dry GAC and extracted oil from GAC fruit seed to our customer Worldwide.

ฟักข้าว 2GAC Fruit detail

Momordica cochinchinensis is a Southeast Asian fruit found throughout the region from Southern China to Northeastern Australia, including Thailand (Fhuck-khow), Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam (GAC).

Despite the many benefits of this plant (meat, Aril or pulp, seeds and grains), only a few people know about the many benefits of GAC. GAC is well known in the East Asian part of the world where it is cultivated and consumed by connoisseurs only. Once the knowledge about it will be spread across the world, this plant will become the key of HIV & cancer inhibitors. Another internet product for the health segment will be born.




ฟักข้าว 3Used as a multi versatile product

Gac is a fruit ones cultivated and consumed regularly by villagers in the northern and eastern Asian part.  They eat the soft and delicate meat, boiled or steamed, like vegetables with chili paste or curry.

Today it is consumed and processed in different ways like any other fruit. The meat can be used as a vegetable, fresh or even frozen. The pulp is used to produce purees, liquids of all sorts, additive for other products and last but not least for creams and pharmaceutical products. The seeds are also used to produce powders as well as oil. Recently many new products have been found on the market because of the rich concentration of B-carotene and Lycopene

ฟักข้าว 4Research results

Fhuck-khow is extremely rich in Lycopene, a group of P-carotene carotenoids. Found in other fruit and vegetables, it has anti-oxidation capabilities. It is found in the red membrane that contains the seeds of Gac.  Lycopene is not water soluble but fat soluble. It will be absorbed best by the body after application of heat and the use of coconut oil as a solvent.


The research has proven the different influences to a healthy body.

Slowed premature aging/ Improvement of the blood circulation and muscle function/ Strengthening of the eyesight / better body immunity/ Reduction of the risk of cancer/ Activation of the blood flow within the body and strengthening the blood vessels / reducing blood sugar/ maintaining the health of the prostate, etc.


Used as medicines and health supplements

Research teams have also developed cosmetic formulations against aging. Gac seed coat extract has been tested to reduce wrinkles. The cream formulation was very effective in reducing wrinkles and the depth of the trench lines without allergy or irritation by the volunteers.

Proven effectiveness by medical communities (Pay attention Gac’s are good for guys)

•Gac anti-cancer diet.

Medical community has proven Gac to be effective to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, prostate aging and cancer, lung and stomach cancer. It was recently found that patients treated with a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) showed a better health of the prostate.

•Nutritional benefits and effective disease treatment

Given as a food supplement to preschool children, the red membrane around the seeds of the Gac increased the amount of beta carotene and a decreased the concentration of low hemoglobin concentrations. This leads to recommend that people with anemia problems should eat Gac pulp and seeds.


Usage and result in different countries

  • Chinese traditional medicine

“Gac” seeds are used as a drug for more than 1200 years to treat inflammation, swelling, eczema, ringworm sores, bruises, hemorrhoids symptoms, and diarrhea, rash and skin infections. It is eaten by both humans and animals.  Studies in China found that the protein from in the grinded seeds, well crushed and mixed with olive or coconut oil (ev. vinegar) improved the performance of liver cells in vitro. It is also believed and used to reduce damages from free radicals as well as acting as anti-tumor support, reducing muscle pain and improving muscle relaxation.ฟักข้าว 5


  • Vietnam

They often plant Gac, leaning against the lath house and use it only for cooking. They take the red pulp and the seeds; cook it with glutinous rice and/or red rice for special meals like New Year and weddings.  They believe that white rice is inauspicious. Clinical Research at the University of Hanoi found that the oil from the pulp and seeds of Gac are effective in the treatment of liver cancer.


  • Thailand

University research on the properties of the “Fhuck-khow” seeds has revealed that its protein inhibits the growth of HIV – AIDS infection and of cancer cells.  Other Thai and foreign research found that the Gac seeds protein is inhibiting the function of the ribosome as a source of amino acids and resists the growth of several types of cancer cells in vitro.


  • Philippines and Thailand

Traditions of Lanna Thai prove that “Gac” was used effectively by women as “Shampoo” once a week. Gac roots were mashed coarsely together with lemon and boiled with water and then left for fermentation. The hair was then treated with the “Shampoo” for a while, then well rinced. It was solving the problem of dandruff and itchy scalp, hair loss and left the hair with a strong black color.


  • Japan

The research found that proteins extracted from the waters of “Gac” inhibit the growth of colon cancer in laboratory mice by slowing the proliferation of cancer cells. The same extracts inhibit the growth of liver cancer cells and make cancer cells die in the large intestine.

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Company’s Product

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